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Maria FredericksMaria Fredericks

My name is Maria Fredericks and I live on Kwini country in Kalumburu Community with my family where I care for children and extended family.

I am a Wunambal Gaambera woman and I am a traditional owner for Kingana country in the north Kimberley region.

My interests are painting as part of the Kalumburu Art Collective and I am a member of the Kalumburu Photography Collective and have been selected for the Exhibition of Exposure and mentorship for New voices in Indigenous Photography in Perth. I first held a camera and started taking photos in 2017 as part of the Olympus vision Project supported by Enterprise Partnerships WA. Since then I have continued to practice and learn, heading out on country to capture the land surrounding Kalumburu. I also love taking portraits and telling stories through these images.

I would like to be considered for the board of directors for CFN as I have a lot to do with the young people of Kalumburu. I will be able to bring knowledge of what the younger women in community need.

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