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Corporate Membership & Advocacy

Having worked with so many organisations who are working hard for their communities we realise that sometimes management and directors need someone who can represents their interests and will advocate for them and their causes.

We offer free membership to organisations and community leaders to be a part of our vision to make community strong.

As a member organisation, we offer to assist your organisation to advocate for your cause through negotiation and liaison with government agencies, Ministers and philanthropic organisations. We will work with your organisation in preparing grant and tender applications and assisting your organisation to access funds and grants to help your organisation expand and grow and realise your vision for your community.

Corporate Membership is free for all organisations who are registered as a charity under the ACNC and who deliver crucial services to their community.


Other Community Services

- Family & Child Safety Services

- Community Development Planning

- Program Development: Research, Service Model Development & Implementation

- Community Support Services




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